Thirsk Hotels

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North Yorkshire has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to natural and historic attractions. The city of York itself is of course at the heart of it all but just some 23 miles north is a town which in addition to forming the gateway to the North York Moors, has a wealth of history to explore and some rich cultural elements too. That town is Thirsk and along with neighbour Sowerby it defines what North Yorkshire is to the many people who would come to enjoy it. Thirsk hotels are a good place to start and they will typically blend seamlessly into the cultural and historic fabric of the town.

A celebrated market town, the medieval market square still hosts regular open air markets every Monday and Saturday. St Mary's Church, which dates from the 15th century provides further historic interest, while for a more recent slant on Yorkshire rural life there is the veterinary practice of James Herriot, now a museum dedicated to the life and work of the vet and author. There is a museum in the town too and in Sowerby, a swimming pool, and a cinema, the Ritz, which is one of the oldest running cinemas in the country. If all of this were not enough to entice people to Thirsk, it is a name synonymous with horseracing, with flat racing events hosted throughout the season at Thirk Racecourse.

There are Thirsk hotels to suit any purpose of visit and length of stay, from the larger historic establishments which have everything on site for enjoying the finest hospitality to smaller inns and bed and breakfasts, which need do little more than provide some home comforts and easy access to the attractions of the town and beyond. While many of the accommodation options will have a traditional appeal, all modern conveniences and amenities are to be expected.